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Communication main board OEM PCB assembly

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Communication / PCB Assemnly / OEM

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. Material procurement and management.
  • 2. Prototype and NPI (new product introduction).
  • 3. PCBA (SMT assembly and through hole assembly, in-circuit test , AOI and functional testing).
  • 4. Complete Unit assembly (Box building like plastics, metal enclosure etc).
  • 5. Professional team and Quality assurance.

Product Details

Landztop provide one-stop severice of PCB Assembly for our customer, Since 1999, Landztop has been providing electronic contract manufacturing Solutions delivered to its customers via strategic business partnerships. This relationship is core to the outsourcing process, and once established, drives efficiency, cost saving and continuous process improvement, our factory have got  the ISO9001:2000, IS013485, CE and ROHS certification.

Landztop Technology Co., Limited

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