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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. PCB design, layout and fabrication.
  • 2. 1-18 Layers PCB boards, HDI, MCPCB, FPC.
  • 3. Good quality with fast lead time.
  • 4. Support software and hardware development.
  • 5. Experience and expertise in a wide range in industries.

Product Details

As a leading printed circuit board manufacturer since 2002, Landztop PCB provides a huge selection of professional PCB services such as circuit design, PCB fabrication and assembly. Our PCB fabrication service allows customers to get an instant quote from us and track the order status online. Both prototype and production orders are welcome! We have the capability to support your project even from scratch, our professional team will support your business all through.

Landztop Technology Co., Limited

Contact Person: Ethan Lyu

Telephone: +86 13651468726

Landline: +86 0755-36531880

Company Address: B216, Jinyuan Building, Changyong Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen


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